DERMATISAN® aurisil plus

Ear cleaner for dogs and cats

Substances for wax removal, lactic acid, salicylic acid


75 ml

Preparation for use in hygiene and care of the outer ear canal and ear auricle of dogs and cats. The ingredients of the preparation allow for quick earwax removal and show anti-in‑ammatory and keratoplastic properties.

For external use.

Use between 5 and 30 drops of the preparation depending on the size of the external auditory canal of the animal. Distribute the preparation by massaging the base of the ear, then remove its excess from the internal auricle with the use of a swab. Do not mechanically penetrate the auditory canal. The frequency of administration depends on the amount of earwax produced (once or twice a week); repeat until complete cleaning of the ear.

Manufacturer: VET-AGRO Multi-Trade Company Sp. z o. o., Gliniana 32, 20-616 Lublin, Poland