DERMATISAN® moisturizing and anti-itching with allantoin

Care lotion for dogs and cats

Allantoin, starch, humectants, base


250 ml


Lotion for skin and fur care in case of susceptibility to acute and chronic in‑ammatory and pruritus conditions, not complicated with suppurative processes. The ingredients of the preparation show anti-itching and moisturizing properties. They reduce the intensity of itching, preventing self-damage and secondary skin infections. They create a counterpart of the natural protective cover on epidermis and improve hair condition.

Depending on the advancement of skin lesions, the preparation should be applied a few times a day, evenly covering the affected areas until permanent effects are seen. The preparation may be applied directly on the skin without using an atomizer.

Manufacturer: VET-AGRO Multi-Trade Company Sp. z o. o., Gliniana 32, 20-616 Lublin, Poland