Solution for injection for dogs, cats, horses, cattles, sheeps and pigs

Active substance: Ketamine 100 mg/ml (in the form of ketamine hydrochloride – 115.33 mg/ml)


10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml

Indications for use:

  • For anaesthesia after prior premedication for the purposes of short, 10-40 minute surgical procedures not resulting in visceral pain (e.g. dental tartar removal, removal of foreign bodies from the oral cavity and the oesophagus, abscess incisions, dressing changes, X-ray examinations, clinical examinations of aggressive and hyperactive animals).
  • For full anaesthesia with premedication, in combination with other medicines (miorelaxants, analgesics, other anaesthetics or neuroleptics) (e.g. in the treatment of bone fractures, repositioning of sprains, castrations, amputations, caesarean sections, laparotomy, tumour removal, abscess incisions, hernia treatment, cryotherapy of conjunctivitis folhcularis, as well as for induction of inhalatory anaesthesia.
  • As an inductive agent in inhalatory anaesthesia (e.g. in ophthalmological procedures)

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