Solution for infusion for horses, cattle and pigs

Active substance: Calcium gluconate for injection 250 mg (equivalent to 22.35 mg calcium, or 0.56 mmol of Ca2+)
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate 80 mg (equivalent to 9.56 mg magnesium, or 0.39 mmol of Mg2+)
Sodium glycerophosphate pentahydrate 10 mg (equivalent to 1.01 mg phosphorus, or 0.03 mmol of P5+)


500 ml

Indications for use:

Treatment of electrolyte disorders in mammals (calcium deficiencies are usually accompanied by magnesium and phosphorus deficiencies):


  • Clinical form of hypocalcaemia


  • Clinical form of hypocalcaemia i.e. milk fever (paresis before or after parturition, periparturient paresis) and grass tetany (clinical form of hypomagnesaemia)


  • Clinical form of hypocalcaemia (paresis before or after parturition, periparturient paresis)

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