Dietetic fodder mix for cattles

Propylene glycol (7.5%), calcium chloride (8%), magnesium chloride; fodder additives–calcium propanoate, lactic acid, guar gum


500 ml, 5 l


Propical is used in near- delivery period in cows to reduce the risk of milk fever with high levels of calcium in form of freely acquirable calcium salts or ketose, through ingredients providing glucosegenic sources of energy. Magnesium contained in the product has a bene­cial in‑uence on acquisition and efficient use of calcium. Proper diet increases the wellbeing of the cow, thus limiting the possibility of birth-related complications and increasing milk production.

Use and time of administration:

Apply 500 ml of the product once or twice a week.

In order to reduce the risk of milk fever, administer the product at the onset of first symptoms of delivery and use it for 2 days after calving.

In order to reduce the risk of ketosis, apply for 3 to 6 weeks after delivery.

Manufacturer: VET-AGRO Multi-Trade Company Sp. z o. o., Gliniana 32, 20-616 Lublin